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Several months ago
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Author Comments:
Start of a tradition? Perhaps, perhaps not; in any case the current plan is to do a new background every 5 comics (I guess Bob and/or Mike really love painting their walls), and a new tshirt for Mike every 10 comics. Originally I'd planned something to do with a squirrel (something you can look forward too), but I wasn't confident I could do it at all, let alone within a reasonable timeframe. My Irish friend Michael suggested something to do with Hadouken, so there we are. Maybe I should've done something with leprechauns just to throw him off, then again if I can't do squirrels, how could I manage a leprechaun? Something else to look forward to, perhaps... If you're interested, here's the Hadouken Wikipage. I've never actually played street fighter, so I pretty much based my art on my extensive experience with anime. I just hope I did the japanese signs right, and it didn't come out something like "your mother looks like a frog"...

Not really much else of note here. New t-shirt, new wall paint, same old GASP. Seriously, who believes he'd do as "master commands"? It's a good thing Mike's pragmatic about the internet connection or GASP might get them in some real trouble...

I guess I do owe you an explanation for panel4 and the title. The title's pretty easy. Starchild is a song by DJ Mystik, from his album Lotus 2, co-created by DJ Ryn. I like half of the song very much (with the singing part), the other half not so much, but I like it well enough to name a title after it. Plus it's applicable to what happens in the comic... As for the Galaxy Quest reference, well, frankly, it's my #1 favorite movie. I could've made it clearer with a Star Trek or Star Wars reference; Fortunately the name Galaxy Quest is pretty self-explanatory in and of itself, so there's not much of an issue there. Hmm... That's a pretty cool projector. Wish I had a GASP.
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