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Author Comments:
Poor Bob. Actually feels like playing a silly game like Co-op Pong and Mike let's him down... Ah well. He'll get over it. Most of you must be wondering what this Top-Secret project is. Guess what? Me too! I've only scripted up to comic 15, and so far it remains unexplained. Sure hope it's something good... Then again, this is Mike we're talking about... It could be as awesome as a fusion reactor, or it could be as silly as a new type of fork to make it 'easier' to open banana's. It feels a bit like I'm no longer writing the story, and it's writing itself... Yet I have a feeling it'll be closer to a lunar colony than to a keyboard with an 'any' button.

Tweaked the Hadouken logo a bit by adding a lightblue trail/shadow. Can only speak for myself, but I think it looks even better. Most of the work went into panel4, of course. I had a huge task ahead of myself. Not so much in the amount of work to be done (which was reasonably easy thanks to my decent sketches), moreso the creativity required to make a door (and by extension, the theme of his room) appropriate for Mike. I decided on black and red with a hellish theme. First, red looks okay next to the purple wall. Second, Mike's pretty evil at times, which I'll work on a bit in future comics (nothing in this world is black and white... except maybe black and white). Third, it's a combination of colors I rather like. Black and red, possibly with yellow (and orange?) is one such combination, white and blue, possibly with silver or purple is another. Following this theme I decided to give the earth on his poster a pair of devil's horns, and a (to the left of it, under the text) pitchfork. It's a shame you can't see the pitchfork, and not only because I spent half an hour on getting it just right. No, the earth's not an exact match. Created it all from memory without a single reference, with only straight lines, so I reckon quite a bit's off. Started with the america's in the center, added Greenland and Antarctica (the south pole) in white. Didn't add the north pole because - or so I've been told - it's not a real continent, just a bunch of ice with no land beneath it. Finished off with what should be australia, mainland asia, africa, mainland europe, great britain and ireland, and iceland (actually, it's also in white). In retrospect, I must've been working pretty far zoomed in, because I can't make out iceland at all, and I can see either britain or ireland as a small speck. Finally, I added Japan in bright green. This was an accident, but it's Mike's second t-shirt with Japanese on it so what the hell, let's make him an anime fan while I'm at it.

Finally, I'd like to discuss the banner above his door. It just makes me grin whenever I read it (and seriously, I want one above my door - but then with my name not Mike's). Maybe I should've done something special again, but after all the work in his 'Top-Secret' poster I figured some simplicity would do the trick. I did change the font to Papyrus. Found myself browsing the fonts, and decided on it figuring an old look would be cool. Even moreso if you imagine his thoughts to be: "I've been awesome for so long they even knew of it back in ancient Egypt, 5000 BCE". BCE? To be honest I always use BC myself, but while I'm at it why not (possibly) teach you something new, eh. I promise comics 13-15 have no cliffhangers and IMHO they are quite good so there's something for you to look forward to. I hope.
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