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Author Comments:
I've become enamored with these overlapping text bubbles. They're pretty readable, make the reading order perhaps even more clear, and are by far easier to set up than bubbles with connectors.

Silly GASP, trying to convince Mike with logic. You've got to trick him! Any man will agree with a good idea if only he thinks it's his... GASP's a smart guy but he's got a lot to learn about diplomacy and negotiating. Also, where does he come up with the idea that Mike could make that amount of money in a week? It was a good idea to flatter Mike, but Bob was pretty clear as to how poor and lazy Mike really is (fair enough, over-generalization, yet still a valid argument).

For those who don't know (which, I imagine, is quite a few, even in my target audience), optical cabling is currently the fastest method of communication. It's typically only used for the backbones (bigger connections), not just for ISPs connecting hubs of customers to the main lines (which are also optical), but also as backbones for corporations' LANs (Local Area Network). Recently ISPs have begun slowly rolling out optical networks to customers. The upside is that optical fibre has no signal loss, the downside is that it's expensive. UTP is a type of cable used for ethernet (among other things, apparently, thanks for teaching me something else WikiPedia). Typically any cable between your modem (be it a cable modem or a DSL modem) is UTP, as well as any cable between the modem and your router/gateway/switch/hub, and said machine and your computer(s) - assuming you're not using wireless. In any case, UTP is the most used cable today in home and office networking. It's cheap, and it works. Apparently (thanks again, WikiPedia) there is now (or is in planning) a type of ethernet cable that can even support 10Gbit speeds. I'm not sure whether it's UTP or STP or whatnot. Find it yourself on the wikipedia. Phew. I'll let you digest that heavy load of information for now, and call it a day. Come back soon for comic #16. Unless I, like, die or something. Ohnoes! I just jinxed myself.
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