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Several months ago
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Several months ago
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Author Comments:
Tried to make Bob look happy in panel1. Not sure I got the frontal smile right. I think you can see and understand what I'm trying for, but know it's just a bit... 'off'. Also, notice my subtle hint at making Mike tired in panel2. Hmm. Speaking of smiles, his works a lot better.

Bob is the healer here, as in comic 64 (just before this one) Mike makes a remark about a healer's tiara (this being, presumably, the same tiara). Healers are hard to come by and (almost always unjustifiably) get blamed a lot for full party/raid wipes. I've been in those shoes a bit, but it's not my place. I tend to try several perspectives (healer, tank, ...) to understand and appreciate what people are going through. I find healing boring and unsatisfying though, and I'm not all that big on getting to choose who lives and who doesn't. And yes, if I'm healing, you're... 'impolite', and our group can go on without you, you might find yourself suddenly dead and on a mental /ignore. Not that I ever ignore anyone. Well, never say never, but it would take a lot for me to give away the knowledge of what you're saying to me. I might be quiet and pretend you're on ignore, but you never know what the future holds so I'll try pretty hard to keep my options open - which means you're likely to stay off the ignore list. I said likely.

Will Mike finally collapse from exhaustion? Will Bob collapse from exhaustion before Mike? Will GASP build a nukular power source for the death ray while these two fight Gargamon clones? Stay tuned for 66 and find out!

Oh, and since I forgot to come back to it in last comic's comments ("more on that later" with nothing more on that later), I made Gargamon up. Just *poof* goes the creative half of the brain, and ticky tacky tock go the keyboard keys.
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