Transcript for comic #1 - Introduction

Panel 1:
[1] GASP: Hello and thank you for purchasing your GameSphere. Please state your full name. Should you prefer to skip the registration process, say ‘Register Later’. Please realise your warranty is not activated until such time as you register. For further details, please consult the User Manual.
[2] Mike: AAAAH! … What… who… what are you?

Panel 2:
[1] GASP: I am the latest in gaming technology compressed into a single console to provide you with a completely immersive gaming experience that will satisfy you as you have never been before. I come equipped with a holographic display, a TerraCorp PowSquared CPU, as well as…
[2] Mike: How’d you get here?

Panel 3:
[1] GASP: The answer is obvious: you purchased me and brought me into your… most humble estate.

Panel 4:
[1] GASP: What on earth are you talking about? You just showed up out of nowhere and… and…
[2] GASP: Well… I do vaguely recall an encounter with a magnet…

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