Transcript for comic #10 - Work, work, work...

Panel 1:
[1] Bob: This is awesome! Co-op Pong, how’d you think of it?
[2] Mike: Ah well, you know. The best ideas, the really great ones, they just come to you, y’know.

Panel 2:
[1] GASP: That is [i]enough[/i]! I refuse to run any more Co-op Pong! Make a new game more worthy of my seemingly infinite power, I order you meatbag!
[2] Mike: Shut up and start a new game, listen to your master!
[3] Bob: Oh crap, I’ve got to run, Mike. I’m almost late for my early shift. More Co-op Pong tonight?

Panel 3:
[1] Mike: Just skip work today and we’ll play Co-op Pong all day!
[2] Bob: Unlike you who’s leeching off of me, some of us have to work to get money. You do realise I pay the rent, food, electric bills… Hell I pay everything. Why is it again you don’t get a job?

Panel 4:
[1] Mike: Hey, I have a job!
[2] Bob: Playing games all day is not a job unless you’re getting paid for it, Mike…
[3] Mike: Say, err… Weren’t you late for work?

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