Transcript for comic #11 - Starchild

Panel 1:
[1] GASP: I have some things to do… Is there any way to take you offline or put you in standby or hibernation or… or can I give you something to do?
[2] GASP: Why not hook me up to the internet? My power would be most appreciated by projects such as SETA who send out data to be processed by idle computers such as I am about to be.

Panel 2:
[1] Mike: Well I would but there’s no telling what you’d do on the internet. We’d probably have cops at our doors within hours…
[2] GASP: If master commands it, I shall behave…
[3] Mike: Be that as it may, if you’re even compatible with any current network standards, I doubt any of the cables will fit…

Panel 3:
[1] GASP: Very well, I will enter screensaver mode. Choosing random screensaver.

Panel 4:
[1] Mike: Cool… Add some cardboard, a few chairs, and you’ve got yourself a Galaxy Quest movie!

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