Transcript for comic #17 - Overcompensating?

Panel 1:
[1] Mike: First, we'll need a wireless router.
[2] Mike: Unless you can tap into our neighbours' WAN... No, first we should test it with controlled equipment. Err… I mean, it’s illegal and I would never condone such contemptible practices.
[3] GASP: That matters not. To be clear, this means no cable-cramming, correct?

Panel 2:
[1] GASP: Next I'll have you connect to it using your wireless device...
[2] GASP: You do have one, don't you?
[3] GASP: Yes, oh hallowed one. It's capable of speeds over...
[4] GASP: Great! Let's get to work.

Panel 4:
[1] Mike: There! My modification to the router is complete. To maximize compatibility I boosted the signal strength with a higher voltage and a bigger antenna.
[2] GASP: HOLY CIRCUITS, that's big!
[3] GASP: You're compensating for something, aren't you...

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