Transcript for comic #20 - Deadly Distribution

Panel 1:
[1] Bob: Why don't you have GASP distribute it?
[2] Mike: Good, good.

Panel 2:
[1] Mike: There's a lot of ways to do it. We could turn GASP into a web server and make it downloadable. Or we could have GASP be the game server where all data is stored on the GASP and people only need to connect to it. No download, no mess.

Panel 3:
[1] Mike: We could have GASP submit it to various download sites, advertising it across the web... There's just so many ways to share Co-op Pong!
[2] GASP: GASP this, GASP that... Before you make [i]GASP[/i] do all this work...

Panel 4:
[1] GASP: You should consider this: there are by far more numerous ways to cease a meatbag's existence while said meatbag is sleeping, than there are ways to make GASP work.

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