Transcript for comic #6 - GAmeSPhere and bowling don't mix

Panel 1:
[1] GASP: It is most fortunate that I come standard with enhanced stabilisers and the patented StopShox technology.
[2] Mike: Yea, that was great…
[3] GASP: It most certainly was not! Your little game of bowling could have permanently damaged my circuitry!

Panel 2:
[1] Mike: Hey Bob, wanna play some more bowling?
[2] Bob: Nah, I have an early shift tomorrow, and bowling isn’t quite as exciting as an ultra high-tech gaming console WITH games would have been…
[3] GASP: Thank the makers!

Panel 3:
[1] Mike: All right, solo bowling!
[2] GASP: WAIT! I… have something more entertaining for master.
[3] Mike: Go on, I’m listening…
[4] GASP: … … …

Panel 4:
[1] GASP: We could watch television?

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