Transcript for comic #66 - Pigeon feathers

Panel 1:
[1] Mike: I don't know, dude. Every fibre in my being is telling me to keep playing to get me that new "Rusty Kitchen Knife", but those very same fibres are telling me I'm about to die from exhaustion.

Panel 2:
[1] Bob: Just a bit more, alright? I only need 88 more pigeon feathers to get a set of great earrings...

Panel 3:
[1] Mike: But dude, only every fifth pigeon has a... Oh!
[2] Bob: What?
[3] Mike: I just dinged.

Panel 4:
[1] Bob: Cool. What level are you now?
[2] Mike: Thanks. Lessee... Level... 2.
[3] Bob: Alright, screw that. We're getting some sleep.

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