Transcript for comic #8 - The very first GAmeSPhere game

Panel 1:
[1] GASP: Now that we have repaid master for showing us the joy of bowling, let’s commence the development software.
[2] Mike: Okay, I guess that was fair, but anymore funny stuff and we’re playing “How does gravity affect a GAmeSPhere: the 1000 yard dropping test”.
[3] GASP: Although I seriously question whether you could drop me from 914.4 meters, I assure you I will follow your orders and cause no more GASP DHS overloads.

Panel 3:
[1] Mike: Hahahaaa… Oh man this game is awesome, I’ve got to wake Bob for this! Bob! Hey Bob! Wake up man I made a game for the GASP!
[2] Bob: Wha… huh… What? You made a game? How long have I been asleep? Never mind that, lemme play!

Panel 4:
[1] Bob: So what did you make anyway?
[2] Mike: Pong! How awesome is that!
[3] Bob: … Pong? You woke me up just for Pong?
[4] Mike: Well yea, but not just any Pong… Co-op Pong!

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